I'm Sergio Cancelo

Software Engineer

Get in touch: [email protected]

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Main Skills

Web Development

I've been developing websites for the last years with tecnologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Spring, Hibernate, Tapestry, Structs, Wicket and Ruby on Rails.

Software Engineering

I can design software step-by-step using a formal process like RUP (Rational Unified Process) and get all artifacts that the process requires.

Computer Security

I started to learn about security in 2007 and now, I'm able to make security auditories and generate reports about software vulnerabilites and apply solutions for patching them.

Artificial Intelligence

I've been working over the last year about how to gather large amounts of data and try to classify them into categories and how to recommend contents to users.


Software Engineering Degree

University of A Coruña

2010 - 2014

Certification in Computer System Administration

I.E.S Fernando Wirtz Suárez

2007 - 2009